Protect Your Investment
Always Insist on genuine body parts. Here are some reasons why


First of all using imitation body parts may mean difficult fitting and installation, and even reshaping and filling. Furthermore, customers may experience corrosion, paint flaking and deterioration down the road. Southern Auto Body has always used genuine body parts and thus maintained a reputation among its clients since 1962.



In addition to above, there is no way of knowing how imitation parts will function in a crash. Imitation parts are not required to meet Federal Collision Performance Standards while Genuine Parts have to meet multiple standards which are set by the governing bodies. Therefore, genuine parts are always a safer option to rely on.



Finally, it is up to the customer that they don’t get fooled by “Lifetime Warranties” on imitation body parts. Imitation body parts usually do not include labour, as a result, a significant additional cost is associated with the repair of your part.

The customer should make sure get genuine replacement parts. Insist on it because performance and value retention are important reasons for insisting on genuine replacement parts. Most of all imitation body parts are not always designed or built to the same demanding standards as genuine replacement parts.

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