Accidents are always unexpected and upsetting. There are steps you can take to minimize the confusion and inconvenience. This web page includes an accident checklist, along with some guidelines in selecting a professional repair shop.

Your “Emergency Plan”

Most people don’t know what to do when they get in an accident, especially if it’s their first. The following are steps you should take to avoid problems and ensure that your vehicle will be properly and safely repaired.

Please review these steps with your family, so each driver knows ahead of time what to do if the unexpected occurs. We’re glad to be able to help.

Accident Checklist

  • Refer to the Accident Checklist for essential steps and information. (Always keep a pen or pencil in your glove compartment, along with some change for pay phones.)
  • You have the legal right to go to the collision repair facility of your choice. Your insurance company can not require you to go to a particular facility.
  • Have your vehicle towed directly to Southern Auto Body, not a storage lot. (One tow saves money and time.)
  • Never drive a vehicle which may be unsafe due to damages. At Southern Auto Body we offer on-site rentals so you’re never “stuck” having to drive an unsafe vehicle.
  • One estimate or appraisal is sufficient, as long as you know which facility you want to repair your vehicle. Your insurance company must have access to view and appraise your vehicle before repairs begin.
  • You are not required to take your car to a drive-in claims center… you may ask your insurance adjustor to inspect your car at our facility.
  • Our facility will handle communications and claim negotiations with your insurance company. We work with all insurance companies on your behalf… it’s part of our service to you.
  • To protect your safety and preserve your car’s value, make sure your repair shop offers all of the essential services that you’ll find at Southern Auto Body.
  • Ask for a lifetime guarantee. We offer a Lifetime Structural Repair Guarantee and a Lifetime Guarantee on the Standox Paint Systems used in your repair, for as long as you own the vehicle.
  • Don’t be confused by the disparity in repair estimates. Differences in estimates are common, mostly due to variations in the quality and extent of work estimated. If you are not sure why one estimate is different from another, please ask us.

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